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Binding Agreement

i, the undersigned, bind myself totally and completely, without limit, to
servitude to the holder of this contract, hereinafter known as my Master. i
understand that the Sixteenth Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary
servitude. Nevertheless, for my own purposes, i desire to become and to be a
slave. i am signing this contract in an attempt to effect that status. i
specifically request the courts, the law and government not to interfere. i
consider any attempt by an outside authority to in any way limit my Master's
rights and prerogatives under this contract to be an unwarranted interference
with my constitutional right to privacy. i am legally an adult who knows what
he is doing. i specifically want this. In the strongest language i request the
government to NOT EVER protect me from the consequences of this decision. i
give up any and all rights of any kind and description in this document. i
specifically waive any and all protection in law or equity, any constitutional
rights or protections, and any other rule or regulation that would in any way
prevent my Master from having total control over every aspect of my life. i
desire to be placed in a position where i CANNOT EVER change my mind.
Recognizing that a government may not allow a totally irrevocable contract, no
matter how much i want one, i agree to the following clause, which, while not
making this contract completely unbreakable, makes it extremely difficult to
break. i specifically request and authorize my Master to use force to compel my
obedience and to always ignore anything i may say or do that might in any way
be considered a refusal or retraction on my part. my Master may apply severe
punishment and/or force either for a lapse in my behaviour, for a completely
arbitrary reason, or for His enjoyment, amusement, and gratification. This
statement not withstanding, i specifically desire none, or at least the minimum
amount of government interference in this contract. If any part of this
contract is held to be invalid, the remainder stands as written and the invalid
part is changed as slightly as possible to give my Master as much latitude and
as many rights and privileges as possible. In a similar fashion, in any
disagreement of interpretation, my Master's desires shall always prevail, no
matter what, simple.

Power of Attorney

i give my Master complete total control and absolute rights of ownership of my
physical body and mind and become His property. i have absolutely NO RIGHTS as
an individual whatsoever. i have no freedom. All decisions will be made for me
and i willingly agree to all decisions my Master makes regarding this abusive
relationship. i affirm that once and if we ever live together, that ALL my
possessions (including all my clothing and all my I.D., etc) will be turned
over to my Master and that i will own NOTHING, and will also agree to give my
Master complete total control of all my finances. i affirm that i will be owned
by my Master financially and that all my savings earned prior to the union plus
my own bankbook be under His total control, all my paychecks will have to be
automatically transferred to His account, i will not ever be allowed to have my
own checkbook, ATM card, credit card, etc, only my Master will be responsible
for paying all household bills, including the cost of food, and any other
additional costs that i must contribute will be deducted from my paychecks with
the remaining put into my own savings account, i will only be given a nominal
allowance each month ($250, say) for my own IRA Account (Pension) from my own
money, and no spending money or allowance is ever allowed for me whatsoever, no
matter what, unless only to use for work, but only if my Master says so. By my
signature below, i grant my Master unlimited Power of Attorney. i desire that
my Master be free to exercise this Power of Attorney without any conditions,
bonds, oversight, restraint, or interference of any kind. Also, according to
the state i will be living in, i will sign a Power of Attorney in the form
prescribed by law, and have it registered with the County Clerks Office
registry of documents. This signed Power of Attorney lasts indefinitely from
the date of my signing this contract below.

Model's Release (for Blackmail purposes)

i will submit to photos and videos of myself naked or any situation that my
Master requires and i affirm that He may resort to any means neccessary to
always ensure that i am not ever able to escape this lifetime predicament,
including BLACKMAIL of notification of my current situation to my parents,
family, relatives, employer, etc, and using the photos and videos (above), copy
of this actual signed contract, etc. as genuine proof (with or without the use
of a color printer). By my signature below, i hereby execute an unconditional,
unlimited, irrevocable, assignable Model Release in favor of my Master covering
all pictures, films, video, audio, public performance, and recordings of me of
any kind, whether true to life or manipulated in any fashion, and all
associated material, including promotional, either factual or fictional, used
for any purposes whatsoever, including commercial & BLACKMAIL. i hereby give my
Master the right and permission to copyright, publish and/or distribute any and
all photographs and videos for which i have signed a waiver. i hereby release,
discharge and agree to save harmless my Master or any of His representatives,
from and against any liability as a result of the publication and/or
distribution of said photographs and/or videos. i hereby warrant that i am of
legal age and competent to contract in my own name insofar as the above is
concerned. i waive all rights to inspect the products before or after use and
waive my claims for embarrassment, mental distress & ridicule specifically and
all other claims of any sort generally. If i ever try to make any serious
attempt to escape from my Master’s ownership, i will immediately expect that
the front door lock will be changed (by my Master) before the time i return
home from work, that He automatically mailed all of the above to all of the
people who know me and is keeping all of my money and i also understand I will
be responsible for paying Palimony/damages of at least 90 percent (90%) of my
net income for the remainder of my life as another part of that penalty for
trying to escape. i also affirm to expect that my Master will indeed let me in
to 'trick' me to get me naked (by saying that He'll give me another chance,
etc) but then kick me right back out (naked), and call the cops on me for
trespassing on His property, as well as a restraining order against me, leaving
me naked with no clothes, no money, and not even an identity, since i won't
even have a wallet with ID, resulting me homeless and in dept to those Palimony
charges. Even if i ever reported it to the Police, this contract will clearly
indicate that i clearly signed and agreed to these specific severe penalties. i
must also abide to any other additional rules that my Master adds to this
contract or else I must suffer the consequences described above, as extremely
realistic severe penalties.

Mandatory Rules

i affirm that once i do sign this contract that i lose any and all human rights
as a citizen in society and that all People are superior to me in every
possible way and that i'm always to be acknowledged as a subhuman by Them, such
as by my appearance and facial expressions whenever either naked indoors or in
humiliating clothing whenever outdoors in public, etc - only when i work at my
job will i ever be allowed to 'act' normal, any other time i must never have
that previledge. In otherwords, all times other than when i work at my job, i
must always be recognized as a 'helplessly-exposed abused subhuman' and suffer
the humiliation and abuse of how They respond whenever i'm noticed that way by
Them, such as in public, while either running outside errands (half-naked in
running short-shorts) or even whenever i have to travel either by subway &/or
on foot from my job back to Your home (again, half-naked in running short-
shorts - but with napsack with workclothes inside it, any other time i will
never ever be allowed a napsack. i affirm that if my Master ever gives me a
list of all domestic duties that i am to complete, including running outside
errands, that i must always willingly comply without the slightest hesitation,
and i affirm that my dress code will only consist that i must always either be
completely naked and totally helpless indoors at all times or half-naked and
totally helpless (without a change of clothes) whenever outdoors in public the
whole time, and that outdoors in public, i must always only wear either my
nylon running short-shorts (without any underwear underneath) or my tan
(nude/flesh-colored) nylon biker-shorts (without anyway underwear underneath +
with wedgie), no matter how cold the weather is outside, with just a half-shirt
and sneakers, with or without a very short (above-the-waist) jacket &/or nude
(sheer-to-waist) pantyhose underneath (the running-shorts), depending on the
weather, but just on very cold days - only, and whenever i do wear the running
short-shorts i must always keep my legs spread wide-open whenever i sit on the
subway, train, fast-food restaurant, etc. i affirm that whenever I'm outdoors
in public, i should not ever be allowed to wear pants and just because i'm
outdoors in public, that should not ever mean that i'm excused enough to have
that freedom or that previledge to not be half-naked and i should always be
grateful that my Master 'let' me be half-naked in public, as opposed to remain
completely naked, as I should be. The only time that i can ever wear pants is
only for work and/or occassional family get-togethers. Eitherway, whatever i do
wear, but only in those particular specific situations described above, will
always be my Master's property and i will always have to get permission
to 'borrow' it to wear from Him prior.

Domestic Chores: cooking/serving (breakfast/lunch/dinner), cleaning (washing
dishes, sweeping/mopping the floors, oven/stove, refrigerator, bathroom,
dusting/polishing furniture, vacuuming, windows), laundry
(washing/folding/ironing), taking out the trash, yard work, washing your car,
mowing the lawn, etc. [dress code: always completely naked] Outside Errands:
food shopping, laundromat, dry-cleaning (pick up/drop-off), post-office,
walking the dog (if applicable), carrying all Your bags when You shop at malls,
etc. [dress code: always half-naked - in my running short-shorts/no underwear
allowed]. Sexual Duties: serving/servicing, oral, anal, toilet duties, etc.
[dress code: always completely naked] Corporal Punishment/Discipline: for bad
work, etc - severe spankings, strappings (with belt), whippings, etc. [dress
code: always completely naked] Accompany You to the public beach: carrying
everything (from the parking spot & across the boardwalk), setting the sheet,
applying suntan lotion on You, going back & forth to the refreshment stand for
You, shaking out the sand, etc. [dress code: me always in a G-String (not
thong) with no change-of-clothes] - - all of the above, only if applicable.

Only if applicable, whenever my Master ever uses the car with me, from His
garage, i must always stay naked until He gets in first and wait patiently for
Him to unlock the passenger door from the inside, then go in and stay naked as
He drives, then once we get to the destination (shopping mall parking lot,
etc), i must always get out first naked and wait for Him to get out and slam
lock His door shut and wait patiently for Him to open His trunk and hand me my
shorts, half-shirt, and sneakers (or just my g-strings, without the shorts, at
public beach parking lots, etc) and when going back to His car, i must always
remove them, be naked, watch Him toss them in the trunk as He slams it shut,
wait for Him to get in & unlock the passenger door from the inside to let me
in, and sit naked on the way back home, etc., & similar routine for whenever
entering & exiting His home as well. i affirm that whenever i sleep, i must now
always sleep completely naked uncovered above the sheets and/or blanket instead
of under it or completely naked inside a small locked metal dog-cage. i also
affirm to ALWAYS expect CONSTANT heavy verbal, psychological, and physical
abuse to include severe beatings, rape and lots of public humiliation -
repeatedly and nonstop at all times by my Master showing no mercy no matter
what with no limits - with me in an abusive relationship within an abusive
lifestyle. By my signature below, I strongly acknowledge mainly that there's no
possible way out even if I regret it later, no matter what! I have read this
contract and have no questions. There are no other provisions whatsoever.

my Signature

By signing this contract i forfeit my current goals and am prepared to follow a
new lifestyle of my Master's agenda. This predicament starts upon my signature
of this contract and will not ever be expected to end. This contract is
permanent and for life. In summary, i do hereby swear to both agree to all of
the above, word for word, and to fully comply and abide by ALL the rules in
this contract, word for word, and do realize that it will include me constantly
being severely abused and publicly humiliated for the rest of my life with my
Master. i affirm that failure to ever agree or comply will result in 100% REAL
severe penalties as described above. Once signed, there is absolutely no
possible way out, no cancellations & this contract is legally binding in any
civil or criminal court of law.

my signature: x ________________________________________________________________
on this day of _________________________________________________________________
Notary's signature: ____________________________________________________________
Date of notorization: __________________________________________________________
my current full-name: _________________________________________________________
my current full-address:________________________________________________________
my current home telephone number(s):___________________________________________
my social security number:_____________________________________________________
my current employment name:____________________________________________________
my current employment address:_________________________________________________
my current employment telephone number:_________________________________________
my current employment department:______________________________________________
my current job title:___________________________________________________________
my Parent's full-names, full-addresses & telephone number:______________________
my Sister's full-name, full-address & telephone number:_________________________
my Relative's full-name, full-address & telephone number(s):____________________

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