Wednesday, March 28, 2007



i, ___________________, with full knowledge and the nature of this agreement and of my own desires. Do hereby agree to the labor and voluntary servitude of my person and body to____________________.for their control and use for the length of this agreement. The holder of this Document agrees to provide room and board for which my labor and voluntary servitude will pay.

This period shall run from _________________ and to _________________.

This agreement starts at midnight ________ of _______________, ______ and running until midnight ______________ of _______________, _______.


The only restrictions placed on this agreement consists of the following:

1. no permanent injury,
2. No hospitalization.

Any violation of the above shall terminate this agreement.


All uses by the holder of this Document and /or his agents of assignees to be with no restrictions OTHER THAN THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE.

The signer agrees that by signing this agreement, that the holder of this Document and /or his agents or assignees have total control of the signer. The signer shall at all times obey the orders given to him with total submissiveness on his part. The signer agrees to the right of the holder of this Document and/or his agents or assignees to use whatever they deem appropriate and useful as punishment.

I, ________________, also will declare my labor and voluntary servitude in any manner the holder of this Document desires or wishes.

DATE: ______________, ______

Laborer: ____________________________________

Holder of the Document: __________________________________

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