Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Contract and Agreement for Servitude

Contract and Agreement for Servitude

Being an Honorable man and being of sound mind, body and spirit, I pledge myself to the service of my Master as stated in this Contract and Agreement.

I, _____________________________________________, the undersigned, a submissive slave, do hereby agree and pledge myself to the service of _____________________________________

Bondage Master, as his personal slave and property for the period of ______ years from this date forward.

I do this without reservations or stipulations, and without recourse or right of revocation.

I pledge to fulfill this contract to its completion date, and if my Master so wishes, I will continue
in his service after this contract for as long as he may desire to own me.

I further do agree and state that I hereby give total control and authority to my Master. He has
Power of Attorney over my personal belongings and myself. He may do with my personal
belongings and me, as is his pleasure. I know that he will take care of me and do only what is in
my best interest.

If at any time before the end of this contract, he is displeased with my performance of the
duties required of me, he may sell, trade or dispose of me to another Bondage Master for the
duration of this original contract.

This Contract and Agreement is an Honor Code between my Master and myself.

Breaking it before completion of service would be a dishonorable act and I would no longer be
worthy of his or anyone else's respect or trust.

I am an honorable person and a person of consequence and therefore would suffer greatly
emotionally if I did not fulfill my obligations and complete this contract.

I affix my signature willingly and without duress, or under any threat of harm to me.

__________________________________ slave Date: _________________

__________________________________ Master Date: _________________

__________________________________ Witness Date: _________________

__________________________________ Witness Date: _________________

Addendum to Contract

1. It is hereby agreed that all my monies will be deposited into a joint account and administered
by my Master.

2. My automobile will be in the name of my Master and myself.

3. All other finances or revenue will be administered by my Master (including but limited to;
stocks, bonds, investments, real estate, etc..)

4. My Master will be the beneficiary on all insurance polices on my life.

5. My Master will provide for my medical well being and health. I will advise him of all medical
conditions I currently have, including medications I am required to take any special
procedures I am to follow. I will furnish a complete medical history to my Master, including
hospital records, Doctor's records, X-rays, etc?.

6. I will furnish my Master with a list of family members, including address and phone number,
in case of an emergency or death.

7. I agree to allow my Master to have my body pierced, as he requires. All piercing to be done
by a qualified and professional practionier.

8. I agree to allow my Master to have me tattooed with the appropriate slave markings on my
right arm, and if he chooses to have other tattoos placed on my body at his discretion.

9. I agree at the completion of this contract, and if still permitted to be his slave, to be branded
on the right buttocks with his insignia showing total ownership.

10. I agree to obey my Master in all things. Never to challenge his authority over me nor his
decisions where I am concerned. I place 100% trust in his ability to take care of me and to
be responsible for my well being.

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