Wednesday, March 28, 2007



This agreement describes the relationship and duties of two people, the Male and the Guardian. The Male is to be locked in a chastity device. The Guardian is to control the keys to that device and, therefore, the sexual behaviour of the Male.

Chastity Device is a locking mechanism that encloses the male genitalia preventing erection, manipulation, and orgasm.

The Male who agrees to have his penis locked beyond his reach in a chastity device.
The Guardian who agrees to maintain the keys to the chastity device.

Once signed the Male accedes to the Guardian any and all right to terminate this agreement. The agreement will remain in force at the pleasure of the Guardian.

The Male will remain in the chastity device at all times. He will keep it clean and only remove it for inspection with the supervision of the Guardian. He will never attempt to defeat the purpose of the device.
The Guardian will keep the keys to the device in a secure place away from the Male.
The Guardian will unlock the device only at her/his discretion.
The Male agrees to have no rights in determining the length of confinement even if the term is permanent.
The Male agrees to accept behaviour modification to eliminate erectile function.
The Male agrees to use prosthetic devices, in lieu of his penis, to satisfy his mate.
The Male agrees to allow others to use prosthetic devices on him.
The Male agrees to whatever use the Guardian requires, including servicing others, female and male.

The Guardian may not:
Cause bodily harm
Require brands, tattoos, or piercing
Require inappropriate clothing or adornment in
Require behaviour that would cause loss of
public reputation or employment
Require behaviour detrimental to health

In addition to the chastity device the Guardian may use other restraints:
Hood, collar, cuffs, strait jacket, spreader
bars, steel cage, corset, back brace, leg
braces. etc.

The Guardian and the Male stipulate they are over twenty-one years old, have read and understand this agreement, and are signing this agreement freely without coercion.






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