Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This Agreement is made by and between _________________________, and _________________________.

WHEREAS _________________________ and _________________________ desire to create an employment arrangement under the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and the following covenants and promises, and for other good and valuable consideration, _________________________ and _________________________ agree as follows:

1. Employment. _________________________ employs _________________________, who accepts such employment. _________________________ and _________________________ revoke, terminate and void any prior written or oral employment agreements.

2. Term.

2.1 This Agreement shall be for a period of _________________________ beginning on the date of this Agreement, unless terminated in accordance with some other provision of this Agreement.

2.2 The Agreement may be terminated by either Party upon six months written notice to the other.

3. Compensation.

3.1 For all services rendered under this Agreement by _________________________,_________________________ shall pay _________________________ a basic gross salary of dollars ($0) per year. Room, board and expenses will be provided by _________________________.

3.2 _________________________ may receive bonuses in addition to the compensation stated above when and as determined by _________________________.

3.3 Matt Caddy agrees to pay _________________________ his full basic salary during the term of this Agreement, so long as he is willing and able to perform his duties and obligations and has not defaulted under this Agreement.

4. Duties and Responsibilities.

4.1 _________________________ shall devote substantially all his business time and attention to the business of _________________________. The expenditure of reasonable time for personal or outside business, charitable and professional activities shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement if such activities do not materially interfere with _________________________'s performance of his duties and obligations, as solely determined by _________________________._________________________ agrees to place his duties to _________________________ above all other activities and will abandon or curtail outside activities if so directed by _________________________ if in his opinion there exists a conflict or other reasonable grounds for abandoning or curtailing such activities.

4.2 At _________________________'s own cost and expense, _________________________ must use his own automobile for professional and other business purposes. _________________________ shall be entitled to standard mileage allowance, the amount to be determined by reference to Internal Revenue Service Guidelines, for travel conducted on behalf of _________________________.

5. Authority and Powers of Matt Caddy.

5.1 _________________________ shall have the power to direct, control and supervise _________________________'s duties and the manner of and time for performing said duties.

5.2 Performance reviews will be scheduled two weeks after the first day of employment and every two weeks thereafter.

6. Working Facilities and Expenses.

6.1 _________________________ will furnish _________________________ with facilities and services suitable for the performance of _________________________'s duties and obligations under this Agreement.

6.2 In accordance with the established policies of _________________________, _________________________ may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses related to the performance of his duties including (but not limited to): automobile and transportation expenses; entertainment expenses; costs of maintaining facilities in his home; educational expenses incurred to maintain or improve his professional skills; expenses of membership in civic groups, clubs, professional societies and fraternal organizations; and all other items of reasonable and necessary professional expenses incurred by _________________________ in the performance of his duties as an employee.

7. Health and Insurance Plans: Fringe Benefits. _________________________ may be entitled to participate in any plans or agreements regarding retirement, health, disability, life insurance, and other related fringe benefits provided by _________________________, in accordance with the terms and conditions of each.

8. Vacations and Other Time Off.

8.1 _________________________ shall be entitled to an annual vacation of one (1) week(s), with full basic salary, and at times approved by _________________________.

8.2 _________________________ shall be entitled to further additional time (with full basic salary) for attendance at meetings, conventions, seminars and/or post-graduate courses reasonably related to the performance of his duties, as approved in advance by _________________________.

9. Miscellaneous.

9.1 This Agreement may only be amended by a written document signed by _________________________ and _________________________.

9.2 No provision of this Agreement shall be affected by the invalidity of any other provision.

9.3 This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ohio.

_________________________________ ________________________
For _________________________ Date

_________________________________ ________________________
_________________________ Date

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