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Dear SIRS and my slave brothers

Dear SIRS and my slave brothers

In the quoted section below:

MASTER has total and complete control in every area.  Except for the
limitations below in the medical condition, drug, tobacco, alcohol
and sex sections, if any,  I agree to MASTER completely, willingly,
to the best of my ability, at all times and in every way.  I hereby
totally submit to MASTER without limit and without reservation.

the term:

"I agree to MASTER completely, willingly,
to the best of my ability, at all times and in every way."

is misworded. the word "agree"  neutralises the arrangement,
rendering the terms of the contract undefinable. As such it is
invalid even in the sense of a mutual unenforceable non-binding
covenenant between 2 people.

The fact of the matter is that it is virtually impossible to write a
master/slave contract that is legally binding.
Even a personal services contract is subject to fair employment
standards and there are legal limits to the activities that can be
contracted for.

Powers of Attorney offer another channel with which a slave can
surrrender some control over its life.
Some jurisdictions have trustee and guardian legislation that may be
utilised, but most involve the inclusion of the courts in the
striking of the original agreement, which may mitigate against
pursuing such writs
slave pwb501

--- In, "Robert"
>   I do not think that there is any such contract that would be
> enforceable because courts would likely reject any such contract as
> against public policy.
>    Also, it is a basic principal of contract law that each party
> consideration, something of value, from a contract, for such a
> contract to be valid.  Most contracts involving slavery or
> that I have seen do not meet this test.
>   However I have included in this message below a contract that I
> told has at least some elements that would make it binding though
> since I am not a lawyer I cannot myself offer any opinion as to
> whether this is the case.
>    Voluntary Servitude Contract
> Introduction

> Binding Agreement
> I, the undersigned, bind myself totally and completely, without
> limit, to servitude to the holder(s) of this Contract, hereinafter
> known as MASTER.  [The singular form of the word 'MASTER' is used
> throughout this contract, though this word may apply to one or more
> persons delineated below.]  I acknowledge receipt of one dollar
> and other consideration that to me is sufficient compensation.
> I certify that I am at least 18 years old, am not now physically or
> mentally impaired by influence of any drugs, including alcohol, or
> other reason where I do not know what I am doing and am legally and
> mentally competent to contract in my own name.  I am signing this
> document of my own free will, without coercion or pressure of any
> kind.  No one has made any promises, guarantees, warranties, or
> offered threats or inducements of any kind to get me to sign this
> Contract.
> With full understanding of the meanings and implications of this
> Contract,  I specifically desire and request the control delineated
> and the activities mentioned herein.  I specially desire and
> Master to force me to comply if necessary, using any means at
> Master's disposal without limit.
> Interpretive Discussion
> I understand that the Sixteenth Amendment prohibits slavery and
> involuntary servitude.  Nevertheless, for my own purposes, I desire
> to become and to be a DOG.  I am signing this contract in an
> to effect that status.  I specifically request the courts, the law
> and government not to interfere.  I consider any attempt by an
> outside authority to in any way limit MASTER's rights and
> prerogatives under this Contract to be an unwarranted interference
> with my constitutional right to privacy.  I am of legal age and I
> legally an adult who knows what he is doing.  I specifically want
> this.  In the strongest language I request the government not
> to "protect" me from the consequences of this decision.
> I give up any and all rights of any kind and description, except
> those specifically outlined in this document.  I specifically waive
> any and all protection in law or equity, any constitutional rights
> or protections, and any other rule or regulation that would in any
> way prevent MASTER from having total control over every aspect of
> life.
> I desire to be placed in a position where I CANNOT change my mind. 
> Recognizing that a government may not allow a totally irrevocable
> contract, no matter how much I want one,  I agree to the following
> clause, which, while not making this Contract completely
> unbreakable,  makes it extremely difficult to break. 
> This Contract is irrevocable except as provided for in this
> paragraph only. First, it can be canceled at any time, without
> penalty, by mutual consent.  If MASTER does not give consent, 
> MASTER has the right to force performance in a court of law or
> equity or by the use of physical means as outlined above.  Second,
> it may be unilaterally canceled by MASTER at any time, with our
> without reason.
> Areas of Control
> MASTER has total and complete control in every area.  Except for
> limitations below in the medical condition, drug, tobacco, alcohol
> and sex sections, if any,  I agree to MASTER completely, willingly,
> to the best of my ability, at all times and in every way.  I hereby
> totally submit to MASTER without limit and without reservation.  I
> specifically request and authorize MASTER to use force to compel my
> obedience, and I specifically request and authorize MASTER to
> anything I may say or do that might in any way be considered a
> refusal or retraction on my part.  By way of illustrating MASTER's
> control, but not in any way to limit it,  I delineate the following
> subset of MASTER's rights, privileges, prerogatives, and abilities:
> Geographical limits
> MASTER has the right to limit my movements:  to decide where I
> work, play, etc.  MASTER has the exclusive right to dictate my
> whereabouts at all times.  MASTER has the right to exercise this
> prerogative by physically confining or binding me by any means
> MASTER desires, with no limitations on time or method.  I
> that if restrained, the restraints are REAL and that I will NOT be
> able to get free until MASTER desires to release me, however long
> that takes.
> Dress
> MASTER has the exclusive right to dictate every aspect of my
> to decide what, if anything,  I am to wear, when, and for how
> MASTER agrees not to subject me to arrest for indecent exposure,
> MASTER's judgment will govern in all circumstances.  MASTER has the
> right to inspect me at any time, and in any situation.
> Grooming and Hygiene
> MASTER has the right to dictate every aspect of my grooming and
> hygiene.
> Hair.  MASTER alone determines what amount of body hair I have and
> where, what hair style, from completely bald to as long as it can
> grown, I wear and so forth.
> Bathing and Washing.  MASTER has the exclusive right to dictate my
> washing, whether by HE HIMSELF, or any designee,  both me and my
> clothing.  MASTER may dictate the timing, place, method, and length
> of my cleansing.
> Tattoos, Piercing, Body Art, Branding. MASTER has the exclusive
> right to dictate what, if any, body piercings, tattoos,
> scarifications, brandings, or other body art modifications I will
> receive.  MASTER agrees to have these modifications made by
> professionals trained in the specific areas concerned.
> Eating and Sleeping.  MASTER  will provide me with sufficient
> periods to eat and to keep me in reasonable health.  However,
> has the exclusive right to dictate the place, time, manner and
> conditions of my eating, sleeping and drinking.  In addition, 
> MASTER has the right to dictate what I eat or drink.
> Limitations
> The following are binding limitations on the otherwise
> nature of my service and MASTER's control over me.  Except for the
> limits in this section, there are none.  MASTER is in complete
> control and I hereby authorize and request MASTER to treat me as if
> I were His own body and to do anything painful, harmful, or helpful
> that he could legally do to himself.
> Medical Condition Limitation
> If I develop a medical condition, such as allergy or diabetes, 
> dictates inclusion or exclusion of certain foods and drink,
> exercise regimens, scheduled medications, etc.  MASTER agrees to
> abide by the limits of diet, exercise , etc., as required to live
> with the condition.
> Drug Limitation
> I agree, under the strictest of penalties, not to use drugs in any
> form whatsoever except for: a) over-the-counter medications
> administered or on orders of MASTER,  b) performance-enhancing or
> state-altering drugs ordered by MASTER, and c) medicines prescribed
> by a doctor.  MASTER agrees to allow me to take prescribed
> medications on schedule.
> Tobacco Limitation
> MASTER will not force me to use tobacco.  MASTER does, however,
> the right to bring me into establishments that allow smoking, order
> me to serve Him or His friends tobacco products regardless of my
> preference regarding personal use.
> Alcohol Limitation
> MASTER will not force me to use alcohol to such an extent that my
> health or safety is endangered.  He may bring me into
> that allow drinking or order me to serve Him or His friends drinks,
> or order me to consume alcohol in moderation, regardless of my
> preference regarding personal use.  If I am to use alcohol,  it
> be only under MASTER's direction as to time, place extent, type and
> method.
> Sex Limitation
> This is NOT a contract for sexual services.  I shall NOT receive
> anything of value for engaging in sex.
> I understand I will engage in homosexual sex at MASTER's  desire
> direction.  I agree to do so fully, completely, willingly, and to
> the best of my ability.  MASTER will tell me where, when, with
> and what sexual activities to undertake.  MASTER may also forbid me
> to engage in sexual activities with any one other than Himself. 
> Such activities may include fetish, sado-masochistic, multi-person,
> and other activities considered by some to be deviant.  Except at
> MASTER's  direction,  I agree to refrain from all sexual activity
> every kind and description, including self-gratification. 
> Work
> MASTER may order me to perform physical duties on His behalf and
> hire out my labor without compensation of any kind to me.
> I agree to serve diligently, completely, and to the very best of my
> ability at all times.  All money received for any of my work shall
> be the property of MASTER.  Unless employed by a company owned by
> MASTER, no employer-k-employee relationship exists between me and
> MASTER.  MASTER is not responsible for worker's compensation,
> security (FICA) or other insurance's or taxes.  I serve under this
> Contract for the compensation already received, which is not, and
> not to be construed as wages.  That I am not an employee can be
> demonstrated by the IRS test that I cannot quit this Contract.
> MASTER agrees to use necessary funds from my work to pay any
> personal bills or obligations I may have had when signing this
> contract.
> Health and Fitness
> I agree at MASTER's direction to submit to every form of
> by health care professionals, fitness experts, or others MASTER
> deems desirable.  I agree to submit to any treatment or course of
> regiment MASTER orders.
> Penalties
> MASTER may enforce His orders by physical, corporal punishment of
> various types.  I understand that, as one method of discipline,  I
> will be spanked (paddled, etc.) with hands or implements.  I
> understand the spankings and whippings are REAL.  They WILL hurt, 
> MAY leave marks on my body, and MAY bruise.  MASTER may enforce His
> orders by physical force:  in short, by MAKING me to do what He
> wants done.  MASTER may apply corporal punishment and/or force
> either for a lapse in my behavior , for a completely arbitrary
> reason, or for his enjoyment, amusement, and gratification. 
> Hold Harmless
> I submit to this Contract and to treatment hereunder  entirely of
> own free will and volition and for my own reasons.  I enter into
> this Contract solely and entirely at  my own risk.  I, for myself,
> my heirs, my assigns, and all other parties of any description,
> hereby agree to hold harmless, and release from all liability of
> kind, MASTER and all other participants in these activities.
> Assignment of Property
> By signing this Contract,  I transfer ownership and all rights to
> myself,  all property, real, personal, tangible, and intangible,
> all copyrights, patents, etc. which I now have, will become
> to, or obtain by any other means during the course of this
> to MASTER.  MASTER agrees to use any or all of such properties,
> copyrights, patents, etc. to pay off any obligations or bills I may
> have had upon entering this contract, and to use the remainder for
> expenses associated with my upkeep, such as food, medication,
> clothing, etc.  Upon termination of this contract, MASTER agrees to
> return to me the unused portion of such property or moneys.
> Power of Attorney
> By my signature below, I grant MASTER unlimited Power of Attorney
> turn to His own use and advantage all property described above and
> to effect any legal transfers or paperwork of any kind and
> description; to give consent to medical and other treatment: to
> execute contracts of any sort in my name;  to effect and to enforce
> all rights, privileges, and conditions of this Contract; and to do
> anything in my name which I could lawfully do without exception or
> limitation.  MASTER may specifically do things under this Power of
> Attorney which may be perceived to be to His benefit.  I desire
> MASTER be free to exercise this Power of Attorney without any
> conditions, bonds, oversight, restraint, or interference of any
> kind.  Also,  according to the State I will be living in,  I will
> sign Power of Attorney in the form prescribed by law, and have it
> registered with the County Clerks Office registry of documents.
> This and other signed Power of Attorney lasts indefinitely from the
> date of my signing the Contract below.
> Model Release
> I hereby execute an unconditional, unlimited, irrevocable,
> assignable Model Release in favor of MASTER covering all pictures,
> films, video, audio, public performance, and recordings of me of
> kind, whether true to life or manipulated in any fashion, and all
> associated material, including promotional, either factual or
> fictional, used for any purposes whatsoever, including commercial. 
> I waive all rights to inspect the products before or after use and
> waive my claims for embarrassment or mental distress specifically
> and all other  claims of any sort generally. 
> Other Provisions; Severability; Assignability
> This statement not withstanding, I specifically desire none, or at
> least the minimum amount of government interference in this
> contract.  If any part of this Contract is held to be invalid,  the
> remainder stands as written and the invalid part is changed as
> slightly as possible to give MASTER as much latitude and as many
> rights and privileges as possible.  In a similar fashion, in any
> disagreement of Interpretation, MASTER's desires shall prevail.
> MASTER may assign this Contract to any other person or persons
> without my signed consent.
> I have read this Contract and have no questions.  There are no
> provisions.
> Execution of Document
> date:
> slave:
> Printed name : 
> Signed: Signature of Witnesses
> signed/dated
> signed/dated
> signed/dated

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