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Male Chastity Contract

Male Chastity Contract

This contract is a consensual agreement between two adults of sound mind and body, one submissive male (herein referred to as the “Caged Male”), and one dom/domme (herein referred to as the “Keyholder”), for the purpose of enforcing chastity on the male by the wearing of a male chastity device (in this specific contract, the device is the CB-2000, herein referred to as the “CB2000”). Both parties enter into this agreement freely and openly, and without coercion of any kind.

The Caged Male and the Keyholder both agree on the following propositions:
Biological and cultural evolution have burdened the human male with a powerful sexuality that manifests itself as an excessive and often obsessive libido.
The expression of this excessive and obsessive libido takes many forms, including frequent, often obsessive sexual fantasies, frequent or compulsive masturbation, frequent or compulsive intercourse with partners of either sex, perverse and kinky fetishes, sexual harassment and other forms of inappropriate sexual expression, and criminal sexual acts directed at innocent victims.
For the reasons listed above, male sexuality and the male libido cause much needless frustration, disappointment, anger, grief, and suffering for untold numbers of people, including the males themselves as well as females in their communities and societies.
It thus follows that to alleviate these undesirable effects, male sexuality needs to be controlled more ruthlessly and effectively than it currently is, and the male libido needs to be vigorously suppressed. Such control and suppression will inevitably lead to healthier, happier, and saner males and females in our communities and in society at large.
It must be emphasized, however, that this control and suppression is not meant to lead to the complete and utter renunciation of male sexuality, nor is it meant to result in the permanent cessation of male sexual activity. The goal is for the outside control and management of male sexuality, coupled with strict limitations on male sexual expression and activity, with the intent of maintaining male health and sanity but simultaneously channeling male sexual expression and activity in more appropriate, beneficial, healthy, and productive ways.
Historically, many ways have been tried to control and suppress male sexuality and sexual activity, including surgical castration, chemical castration, cultural prohibitions and social taboos, counseling, electro-shock therapy, and more. Some of these methods are unacceptable on humanitarian, ethical, or medical grounds, while some have demonstrated little or no efficacy. Currently, there is only one acceptable way to effectively control and suppress male sexuality and sexual activity: the wearing by the male of a well-designed, comfortable, hygienic, inescapable, and effective male chastity device (of which the CB2000 is one of the finer models available). To be effective, such a device must control and suppress penile erections, and prevent the male from masturbating, having sexual intercourse, attaining orgasm, and ejaculating, all without causing temporary or permanent physical harm to the male genitalia.

Having agreed on the preceding propositions, the Caged Male and the Keyholder hereby enter into this binding Male Chastity Contract, and agree to all of the provisions herein, as listed below:
The contract will enter into force immediately on the date signed by both parties, and will remain in effect for one (1) calendar year after the date signed, at which time it will expire.
At the expiration of this contract, and upon the mutual consent of both parties, the contract may be renewed for another one (1) calendar year period. The contract may be renewed in such a fashion indefinitely, or until one or both of the parties break the contract, thus rendering it null and void, or decide not to renew the contract.
Upon signing of the contract by both parties, the Keyholder will observe the Caged Male locking himself into the CB2000, or will assist the Caged Male in the placing and securing of the device. Once the device has been secured and locked, and it has been determined that the Caged Male is not suffering any undue discomfort, pain, or worrisome physical impairments (e.g. pinching, chafing, or dangerously impeded blood flow), the Caged Male will transfer all keys to the device’s locking mechanism to the custody of the Keyholder. Beginning at this point, and at all times that the Caged Male is actively confined to the CB2000, the Keyholder will assume sole and exclusive ownership and control of the Caged Male’s genitalia, with all of the rights and responsibilities this entails.
Once the Caged Male’s period of confinement in the CB2000 has begun, he shall remain confined 24 hours a day, every day, with specific exceptions as described below.
The Caged Male will be provided with a maximum of three (3) “free days” per calendar month, of which he will be required to use two (2). A free day is defined as one 24-hour period during which he will not be confined to the CB2000. In the interests of preserving the Caged Male’s overall sexual health and proper physiological functioning, the Keyholder will encourage the Caged Male to enjoy unregulated sexual activity on free days, to include at minimum masturbating to orgasm at least once. The Keyholder may desire to visually verify the Caged Male’s unimpaired sexual health by requiring, at his/her discretion, the Caged Male to masturbate to orgasm in his/her presence. If the Keyholder makes such a request, the Caged Male is obliged to comply. As a further means of humbling and controlling the Caged Male, the Keyholder will require him to ingest any semen ejaculated in his/her presence.
Two (2) of the three (3) free days allowed per calendar month are “fixed.” By this is meant they must be scheduled at least one month in advance by the Caged Male in consultation with the Keyholder. Once scheduled, a fixed free day may be changed at the request of the Caged Male, but only due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances, and only at the discretion of the Keyholder. The Keyholder may refuse a request to change a fixed free day, but only if the request is fickle, capricious, inconsiderate, or lacks substance.
One (1) of the three (3) free days allowed per calendar month is “floating.” By this is meant that it can be taken at any time, on a whim, at the Caged Male’s request, with only 48 hours advance notice to the Keyholder. However, as a practical consideration, the Caged Male agrees to provide at least one week’s advance notice to the Keyholder for use of a floating free day, except in unusual or unforeseen circumstances. The Keyholder agrees to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate a floating free day request.
While unconfined on free days, the Caged Male is solely responsible for cleaning and grooming his genitalia, cleaning and maintaining the CB2000, and storing the device and all keys to its locking mechanism.
While the Caged Male is confined to the CB2000, the Keyholder is responsible for adequately, safely, and securely storing the keys to the device’s locking mechanism. Three (3) keys to the CB2000 will be provided to the Keyholder by the Caged Male every time he is locked into the device. The Keyholder agrees to carry one (1) of the keys on his/her person at all times, and to store the other two (2) keys in a secure location. This will prevent the accidental loss of all three (3) keys simultaneously.
While the Caged Male is confined to the CB2000, the Keyholder agrees to make all reasonable efforts to be accessible to the Caged Male, and easily reached via phone or email. She further agrees to respond as soon as is reasonably possible to any phone or email message from the Caged Male, if a response is requested or required, provided the message is pertinent, valid, and important, and provided the Caged Male is not abusing his contact privileges.
The Caged Male may request additional days free of the CB2000 in a given calendar month, above and beyond the three (3) free days contractually provided, but only for a specific, valid, highly unusual reason, and only at the discretion of the Keyholder. If the Keyholder refuses any reasonable such request, she must provide the Caged Male with a specific reason for refusing. If the Caged Male abuses this provision by making two “exceptional” requests in adjoining months, he will relinquish his right to make any such requests for the following three (3) calendar months.
Emergency Unlocking: The Keyholder agrees to unlock the Caged Male and remove the CB2000 in all due haste for emergency reasons. Emergency reasons are defined as circumstances in which the Caged Male experiences serious illness, injury, or impaired physiological functioning, either of the whole body, or more specifically of the penis, testicles, scrotum, or general groin area, and independent of whether or not the Caged Male seeks professional medical care or advice. The Caged Male will resume wearing the CB2000 once both he and the Keyholder are satisfied that he has satisfactorily recovered from the emergency condition.
In the event of the Caged Male needing to travel and pass through security checkpoints that may include metal detectors, the Keyholder agrees to temporarily replace the brass lock on the CB2000 with one of the plastic locks provided by the manufacturer. The CB2000 will be immediately relocked using the brass lock once the Caged Male returns from his travels.
The Caged Male will make a monthly lump sum cash payment to the Keyholder in the amount of $_______.00 for the duration of the contract.
Any egregious, sustained violation of the provisions of this contract by either of the contracted parties will render the contract in its entirety immediately null and void.

By affixing their signatures below, the parties to this contract accept and agree to be bound by all of the provisions and stipulations contained therein, and also accept and agree that said provisions are non-negotiable.

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