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1. A chaste slave is a better slave
Since old times, experienced Masters agree that chastity is good for slaves, because it keeps them horny and thus more eager to serve. It is well-known that slaves generally lack the capicity for self-enforced chastity. When they do cum, they become lazy until the need to orgasm again becomes para­mount.

Because Master ........ knows that slave ........ fails completely to upheld his own chastity and slave ........ wasn't able to proof that he could indeed, so to insure that slave ........ does not have to concern himself (and neither his Master) with his own sexual needs and will stay totally abstinent when left without supervision, Master ........ and slave ........ signed this slavecontract, by which slave ........ agrees to be locked up safely and securely in a chastitybelt, of which the keys will be kept by Master ........

2. Definitions
Throughout this contract, the terms are used with following definitions.

* Chastity: Prevention of all kind of active sexual behaviour, especially sexual intercourse, masturbation and ejaculation.
* Chastitybelt: a lockable device designed for continuous wear to keep up slave's chastity, control his sexual urges and to prevent anybody to touch slave's cock by wearing and locking-up, thus marking the slave clearly for every potential seducer as the exclusive sexual propriety of his Master.
* Chastityperiod: The time whilst the slave is locked in the chastitybelt by the Master to keep him in chastity, including locks and re-locks that do not result in the slave having any sexual relief.
* Slave: the individual who will wear the chastitybelt according to this contract because he agrees that he has to be kept in chastity.
* Master: the individual who will lock the device up and will hold tke keys according to this contract.

3. Slave's obligations
The slave is under following obligation.

* For maximum safety the slave will wear the heavy stainless steel chastity­belt with the special high-security lock that is designed by the Belgium beltmaker Walter Goethals.
* For extra safety the slave will have an extra penis-padlock attached to his Prince Albert to prevent any risk of withdrawal.
* The slave will wear the chastitybelt during the agreed period permanent to guarantee his total chastity at any time and any place in absence of his Master.
* The slave will wear the chastitybelt during the agreed period without sexual release as long and as often as his Master thinks appropriate, leaving it totally to him, to decide if and when the slave will be unlocked or even allowed to cum or not.
* The slave agrees that, when the chastitybelt is temporary unlocked, he will allways without protest present his cock to his Master as its legal owner, to have it sucked or emptied manually, if his Master deems this necessary.
* The slave agrees that refusal to wear his chastitybelt again after tempo­rary removal for whate­ver reason other than stated in paragraph 6 is forbidden.
* The slave knows that after the chastitybelt has been locked around his waist and genitals by his Master he has no right and no possibility to free himself.
* The slave agrees that being belted means that he has given up his say about his own cock and balls, and that from the moment he has been locked up they are the propriety of his Master.
This means:
* The slave is prohibited to try to open the chastitybelt with force.
* The slave is prohibited to touch the keys of his chastitybelt.
* The slave is prohibited to fuck without the Masters permission.
* The slave is prohibited to get sucked without the Masters permission.
* The slave is prohibited to masturbate without the Masters permission.
* The slave is prohibited to ejaculate without the Masters permission.
* The slave is prohibited to ask other persons to look after the keys to remove the chastitybelt for the sake of slave's sexual satisfaction.

4. Master's obligations
The Master is under following obligation.

* Only the Master will open and lock the chastitybelt.
* The Master will take care that the chastitybelt will be applied as tight as possible, to make sure there is no escape possible without the keys.
* Each time the Master re-locks the chastitybelt after opening, he will carefully inspect and try-out if the locks are shut well indeed, to make sure that it will be impossible for the slave to open them by shaking or jerking, and thus the chastity of the slave is totally assured.
* The keys of the chastitybelt will always be surely under the supervision of the Master. He has take care that the slave will NEVER have access to the keys.
* The Master will unlock the chastitybelt at least once a week to have it cleaned, without giving up his rights to control the sex of the slave at that moment.
* For reasons of hygiene the Master will shave all the pubic hair of the slave, and keep it in a shaved state.
* The Master never discloses the fact that he controls the slave's sex without the slave's permission, apart from special places (see paragraph 5).

5. Master's rights
The Master has the following rights.

* From the very moment the belt is locked upon the slave for the first time - i.e. the slave's penis being forced into the curved tube, both belt-ends having slided in the groove of the locking block up to the preferred tension and both locks have been put in place and shut securely - the slave is under sexual control of the Master.
From that very moment:
* The Master has the right to decide how long the slave will have to wear the chastitybelt without interruption, apart from weekly cleaning.
* The Master has the right to decide if and when and the chastitybelt will be opened to give the slave the possibility of sexual release.
* The Master has the right to decide if and when the slave will be allowed to fuck, to get sucked, to masturbate or to cum.
* The Master has the right to hide his decisions in this respect for the slave, and to change them at any time without argument, leaving the slave in uncertainty, if and when the belt may be opened for a while to allow the slave to fuck, to get sucked, to masturbate or to cum.
* The Master has the right to force the slave in appropriate places to show others - Masters or slaves - that he is kept in chastity by being belted and thus has become the sexual propriety of his Master.

6. Special regulations
* If reasons of health make it necessary, the slave can ask the Master to remove the belt, and the Master is obliged to remove it.
* Other specific reasons - as the risk of metal-detectors - sometimes may make it necessary to remove the chastitybelt temporary; in this cases the Master has the right to put another (non-metal) chastitydevice on the slave.
* On holidays, or at other moments when either slave or Master will stay abroad for a longer period, the slave has the right to have the chastitybelt unlocked for that special period.
* The slave is free to attend SM-parties or slavecamps in absence of his Master. Of course, this doesn't meant he have his full sexual rights returned and will get back the keys in that case himself - on the contra­ry! - , but they might be handed over by his Master to another Master, which will care after him and than in case of urgency can open the belt. The Master will take care of the fact that the keys are handed over to the temporary Master without the risk that they will get lost.

7. Duration of the contract
This contract will be valid for ........ weeks / months.
The slave never requests the cancellation of the contract except for the following cases.
* The relationship between Master and slave is cleared.
* Either the Master or the slave will execute ones obligation due to long-term illness or some other reasons.
* It becomes obvious that wearing the chastitybelt makes serious problems on the health of the slave.

Both of ........ as the slave and ........ as the Master agreed on all the above sentences with each own free will and each of the slave and the Master keeps a duplicated document signed by both.

The slave: signed ........ Date ........
The Master: signed ........ Date ........

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