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A Chastity Slave Contract

A Chastity Slave Contract
1.    Definitions
Throughout this contract, the terms are used with the following
• User: The individual who will wear the chastity belt in accordance
to this contract
• Key-holder: The individual who will lock the chastity belt in
place and will hold the key in accordance to this contract.
• Chastity period: This is the time whilst the user is locked in the
chastity belt by his key-holder. It includes unlocks and re-locks
that do not result in the user having sexual relief, by means of
masturbation or orgasm
2. User's obligations
The User has the following obligations to submit all control and
ownership of penis / orgasm to the key holder until end of chastity
• The user will agree to an initial trail period of no less than 28
• The user will allow the key-holder to put the chastity belt on him
whenever he pleases.
• The belt will particularly be used to prevent unauthorized
masturbation during day or on business trips or attendance to KINK
fetish parties.
•  Where the user attends SM meetings with other men he shall be
locked in the device before attendance and not unlocked until not
sooner than seven days after return.
• The user is prohibited to have any sexual intercourse without the
key-holder's permission.
• The user is prohibited to masturbate without the key-holder's
• Making efforts to remove the chastity belt by the user is
forbidden and will occur punishment.
• The user will allow the key-holder to use any number of toys in
his arse whenever he wants for as long as he wants, so as to tease
his prostate into a state of total arousal.
• It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the cleanliness
of the chastity belt.
• The user is never permitted to leave the key-holder's control
without the key-holder's special permission.
• The user will accept that having his prostate milked is sufficient
sexual relief for him during any chastity period. Having his
prostate milked is at the key-holder's discretion, it is not his
obligation to do so. 
• The user may not ask the key-holder for the chastity belt to be
removed. Except for health or safety reasons.
• The user will allow the key-holder to masturbate him or have sex
with him whenever he wants. He will not have an orgasm without his
permission however. If he does, he will be subject to whatever
punishment the key-holder sees fit. This punishment may override the
key-holder's obligation to keeping chastity periods less then 3
• It is the user's obligation to let the key-holder know if he has
had sexual relief without his knowledge. For instance through
nocturnal relief or a self provided prostate milking.
• The user will be required to sexually satisfy the key holder
without user orgasm, this will include fucking duties, fellatio,
foot worship, rimming, providing urinal or other toilet duties for
key holder, massages etc.
• The user will be grateful and thank the key holder for keeping him
in chastity.

3. Key-holder's obligations
The Key-holder has the following obligations.
• The key will always be securely under the supervision of the key-
• The key-holder has the obligation to pay attention of the user's
health condition and arrange necessary suitable treatment, when any
disorders are identified on the user's body.
• The key-holder will remove the chastity belt at least once every 5
days to allow the user to be cleaned properly. This time will also
be used to check that there are no health issues in regards to
wearing it. Cleaning will involve users hands being fastened behind
back, and hood applied with blindfold before device is removed. 
Hair may be removed to help keep the user clean
• The key-holder will not allow the chastity period to exceed 3
months without break.
• The key-holder will make the user aware of how long the expected
chastity period is to be, when locking the chastity belt. • If the
chastity period is increased it is the key-holder's obligation to
let the user know how long it has been increased by and why.
• It is up to the key-holder's discretion how long each chastity
period is to be. The key-holder may increase or stop any chastity
period as he sees fit.
• The key-holder can humiliate the user at any time by mentioning
that he is kept in chastity, the user must show device on request
4. Duration of the contract
This contract has no duration. It is valid from the date of signing
until it is cancelled for one of the reasons listed under:
'5. Cancellation of the contract'.
Cancellation of the contract This Contract can be open for
cancellation, by either the user or the key-holder, in the following
• The relationship between the user and the key-holder is nullified.
• If the user or the key-holder does not keep to there obligations.
• If it becomes obvious that wearing the chastity belt causes
serious problems to the health of the user.
• If it is agreed by both the user and the key-holder that this
contract is to be replaced by another.
• If it is thought by either the user or the key-holder that the use
of the chastity belt is detrimental to their relationship.
6. non-compliance
The following punishments arise for non-compliance of contract.
•    Unauthorized stimulation (other than for purposes of fucking
key holder) of penis occurs 1 day extra penalty
•    Unauthorized orgasm while fucking occurs 1 week extra penalty
•    Unauthorized removal of device occurs 1 month penalty
•    Request for device to be removed occurs 100 paddle lashes on
ass, a 50 on each nipple.
•    Pleasure gained from milking occurs 50 paddle lashes on ass.
•    Refusal to wear device occurs 100 lashes, and a month
without milking wear.

7. Torture and Torment
The key hold may wish to keep the user in a state of high sexual
arousal during the period but not allowing any relief. The following
scenarios may occur
•    Nipple play or tit torture
•    Poppers play whilst stimulation form key holder.
•    Key holder masturbation of user, users hand fixed behind
back and blindfold so user can gain no personal satisfaction from
the act.
•    User must watch or participate in the masturbation of key
•    Milking periods will result in no orgasm unless permission
is granted before hand.
•    Supervised Personal masturbation moments can occur for
exceptional behavior but not in the initial trail period these will
be timed an orgasm is only allowed in the first 300 seconds (five
minutes) before device is reapplied.

Both _ ____ as the user and __ ___ as the key-holder agreed to all
the above sentences on there own free will and each of the user and
key-holder keeps a duplicated document signed by both.
The user: signed_______________________ Date: ___________________
The key-holder: signed___________________
Date: ......_______________________

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