Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is a contract I will propose to my MASTER.

This is a contract I will propose to my MASTER. The particularities are based on what I already know of his preferences and our inter-dynamics, and may not be appropriate for anyone else, but perhaps there are some elements some may find useful in formulating their own contracts.

–I will always come when summoned by my MASTER, unless there is serious and honest inability to comply because of a conflicting professional obligation. I am to reverence my MASTER with the utmost reverence, subservience, humility and absolute obedience. I am his possession totally under his control, and I must never forget this.

–I understand that MASTER may or may not summon me, whenever he wishes, and he is under no obligation to have a session with me at any set interval. It would be appreciated, however, if MASTER gave helpful notice when a session was due, to facilitate scheduling. Further, it would be appreciated if in prolonged periods without a session, MASTER would maintain some contact with me. I shall do my best to be available to MASTER for a session a suitable length of time, if at all possible. Although he may wish to dismiss me early in the session, I shall try to be available for at least a few hours in case he should wish it.

–If MASTER wishes, I will report regularly email at intervals he orders.

–When I am with my MASTER for a session, he may assign to me up to an hour’s worth of domestic duties after I strip but before the session proper begins. I am to do these duties naked, unless it calls for going outside in the public. He may, of course, abuse my body in any way he wishes while I am doing the domestic duties.

–Unless MASTER tell me otherwise, I shall always appear wearing a jockstrap under my exterior clothing. When I arrive, I will avoid eye-contact with MASTER, and look down humbly. I will strip to my jockstrap and await orders. When so indicated, I will remove my MASTER’s shoes and kiss his feet.

–I hereby understand that with the exceptions of safety noted below, my entire body is totally and without exception the possession of my MASTER, and he may do with it whatever he wishes, including elements of strong pain and humiliation. Specifically:

–I shall make my testicles readily accessible to my MASTER, and he is free to do with them whatever he wishes, including inflicting severe pain on them. He may do this by hitting, punching, stretching, yanking, compressing, or doing anything other action he may please. If necessary, I will hold my cock out of the way to that it does not interfere with what MASTER intends to do with my testicles. If MASTER wishes to work on my testicles from the back, I shall bend over and keep in any position that he orders. MASTER may choose to use various instruments on my testicles, and I shall always bring a collection of items for him to choose from, including stretchers, weights, spreaders and weight supporters.

–MASTER may do with my cock whatever he pleases, barring the creation of blood blisters or damage to the urethra or any rupture, etc.
–My asshole may be used by my MASTER in any way he deems suitable, including the insertion of objects or fingers, so long as it is safe. If MASTER wishes to ritually humiliate me to remind me of my status, I shall submit with a realization of my lowliness and slave status and not complain. –The rest of my body is totally available to my MASTER, so long as any action is safe.

–In general, the only real limits are doing something that is not safe in terms of health, that does damage beyond pain, or that leaves marks or body alterations that would interfere with my professional life, including being naked in the gym with my peers.

–I understand that my MASTER may punish me for any reason he wishes, and it is not for me to ask why.

–I understand that my MASTER has control over any and every aspect of my sexuality even apart from sessions. Specifically I understand that this may involve certain assignments. Further, it is my understanding that I am never again to ejaculate, and that this is a permanent state of chastity.

–I understand and freely agree that if my MASTER wishes to share my body with another or have someone of his choosing work on me, I may not object or resist.

–Indeed, I am never to complain about ANYTHING that MASTER chooses to do to me, no matter how painful, but am always to thank him with respect and gratitude.

–I agree to service my MASTER’s body and give him pleasure in any safe way that he wishes. Specifically, I will reverence and use my hands, mouth, tongue or any other part of my body to perform whatever MASTER specifies on his cock, balls, asshole, torso, buttocks, or any other part of his body. This is to be done with the utmost reverence and obedience.

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