Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Declarative contract


i, xxx, declare myself to be the property and slave of Master X. i give up my free will and place myself totally under His control. i accept and believe that women are inferior to Men and are meant to be Men’s property and slaves. i will not express nor have any feelings of pride or self-respect because i, like all women, am a worthless cunt who doesn’t deserve to have either. i will never do or say anything disrespectful or prideful to my Master or any other Man for the rest of my life.

i give up my right to set limits or to use a safe word; i am His to do with as He pleases. i will accept all punishment, no matter how severe, as deserved for all the pride and self-respect i have shown toward Men in the past. i know i deserve a lifetime of punishment for having ever thought myself equal to Men.

i will perform any act, sexual or otherwise, without hesitation, with any person, animal or thing He wishes, without regard to age, race, gender, species or number of participants. i will use my body in any way He wishes, without exception. i will use my mouth in any way He wishes, without exception. i will never expect Him or any other Man to use His mouth on me and hope that He will not. It makes me feel submissive to use my mouth on Men, and Men should never have to be submissive to women.

My Master is my God, and His body is my temple. His genitals and anus are the alters where i worship Him. i am my Master’s toilet. Everything that comes out of my Master’s body is precious and delicious to me. i will swallow all of my Master’s delicious semen, urine and feces whenever He will allow me, to show my total submission to Him.

My mind, body and soul now belong to my Master. i will do everything possible to please my Master. Knowing i have pleased Him is the greatest pleasure i can know, and the only pleasure i require. i will serve Him in any way He wishes for as long as He will allow me. Hopefully, for the rest of my life.

xxx Slave

Master XX, Master

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